1. Maximum of 2 rods per person (we do not allow 3 or more)

  2. All nets, mats & weighing sacks must be dipped before fishing

  3. Barbless hooks only, NO barb or microbarb

  4. Natural baits and boilies only

  5. Fishermen must have and use an unhooking mat at all times

  6. Fish to be lifted no higher than knee height
  7. Fish to be returned to their original swim as quickly and safely as possible
  8. Any broken tackle, brollies, chairs etc must be taken home

  9. No keep nets

  10. No fires or B.B.Q's

  11. No radios/music/loud mobile phones (please use headphones)

  12. No pets

  13. Rod licence required

  14. Litter to be placed in the bins provided

  15. All guests must be 16 years and over

  16. Juniors (under 16) must be a registered member

  17. Juniors (under 16) can only fish with a senior member

  18. Juniors can not sign in guests

  19. Fishing begins 1 hour after sunrise & ends 2 hours before sunset

  20. Night fishing is only available on lakes B&C.

  21. Please respect the club and other anglers by keeping noise down to a minimum
  22. Guest fees are the responsibility of the member and must be paid prior to fishing or as soon as the cafe is open. Failure to do so will result in an additional 5 pound charge. Members must contact the bailiff on the mobile before bringing a guest down.
  23. Members are allowed up to 2 paying fishing guests if cleared by Management

Pittlands Lakes

Members club

If you are thinking about joining a members club why not visit us first and see what you could be enjoying!

The club always aims to improve the fishery for all types of anglers, from the beginners to the experienced, juniors to seniors and access for the disabled angler.

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